Natural Solutions for Waste and Wastewater

Innovative Designs for Challenging Sites: Zero Discharge Systems and Waterless Toilets

Excellent effluent quality disguised as a Wildlife Habitat...

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Welcome to the FH Wetland Systems Website.

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... Designing and Planting Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment, Stormwater Runoff and Habitat Enhancement - for home-owners, developers, councils, industry and agriculture.

FH Wetland Systems Ltd. is an environmental consultancy company based in Co. Clare. FH Wetland Systems started in Cork in 1996 with a particular emphasis on designing and planting constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment, and now also offers a range of environmental services including Sustained Urban Drainage System design, habitat and catchment management, pollution control consultancy and edible landscaping nationwide.

Most recently there has been a lot of focus on zero discharge willow facilities in which effluent is 100% evaporated into the air, providing a firewood crop into the bargain!

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