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Innovative Designs for Challenging Sites: Zero Discharge Systems and Waterless Toilets

Excellent effluent quality disguised as a Wildlife Habitat...

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Training Seminars

To meet the increasing demand for high quality training for architects, engineers and landscape designers we offer specialised industry training seminars to further the understanding of constructed wetland systems for effluent treatment and stormwater management. A confident awareness of how these can be used in your profession can help to enhance project development and procurement and maximise the environmental gain in a new project.

Follow this link for an update on our next Training Seminar.

Educational Resources

Education and provision of information on environmental issues has become important for schools, colleges, government bodies and industry. FHWS have been involved in various environmental education projects. These have included the production of the "West Cork Environment" information pack for West Cork Leader as well as delivering regular courses on environment related topics to PLC courses, specialist industry groups, third level colleges and community/environmental groups.

FH Wetland Systems offers a slide presentation and lecture on constructed wetlands to groups including sustainable architecture, horticulture, organic farming and others. We offer a weekend, one day or half day workshop on constructed wetlands and water treatment related topics to interested groups that wish to learn more about how to select the most appropriate treatment system for their site and to learn about the design and construction of their own wetland system. We have also worked with many local environmental and education bodies around the country, offering courses in their venues to reach their members and offer tailor made courses to suit their needs.

As an example of education material prepared by FHWS, see "An Introduction to the West Cork Environment", an information pack designed for school, library and public use for raising awareness and pride in the local environment. This project was commissioned by West Cork Leader Co-op as part of their promotion of the region.

Lecture Resources

Following is an example of educational material used as part of talks, workshops and training seminars. These are given as stand-alone FHWS events, or as part of in-house training for engineer, architects, councils, etc., or with 3rd level instutions and independent training bodies and courses for permaculture, green building, horticulture and the like. The full slide presentation is not included here.

Cloughjordan Water Module Notes 2020


How we feel about the way we see the world around us directly effects the world we see. Sometimes the challenges that are there in the world feel very overwhelming, so those who may be able to carry out positive work become bound by inertia. Eco-Visioning is an educational tool designed to facilitate participants in envisioning the best imaginable future and inviting that into being.

Beliefs shape our day to day realities, and our collective beliefs around the environment have a direct bearing on how we prioritise our politics, commerce and society. All of the planet's health indicators are currently showing signs of intense stress. It is clearly time to move beyond our current modus operandi; but how do we achieve that within our current paradigm? Perhaps we can't. Perhaps we need to change the very way we see the world. Eco-Visioning Workshops explore our beliefs and see how well they move us towards the world we say we want to live in.

Another method we use in these workshops is Eco-Constellations; based on the constellation process developed by Bert Hellinger. Using Eco-Constellations we can look at a particular issue, environmental or other, in a new light and help to understand it more fully. This can be an invaluable tool for exploring complex issues and for bringing answers and insight to challenging problems.

Contact FHWS for details of the next Eco-Visioning workshop if you would like to participate in this exciting creative exercise.

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