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Elinor Hitching, Registered Homoeopath, Ennis, Co Clare

Hello! My aim is to provide a supportive, nurturing space for you to work on your own healing journey. Using homoeopathy we can work together on your life and health issues.

I am registered with the Irish Society of Homeopaths, the professional body representing homoeopaths in Ireland and in addition to private practice, have taught and supervised students with the Irish School of Homoeopathy as well as running independent homoeopathy workshops in the Co Clare area. I look forward to meeting you and establishing a strategy of treatment that suits you.

Who can benefit from homoeopathic treatment

The length of a course of homoeopathic treatment can range from a single dose of a remedy to continued support over longer periods of time. Problems of longer standing or more deep-seated issues in the body/mind can take longer to heal than those that are relatively recent. The recovery time depends on the individual person, just as the homoeopath is treating each person individually.

People can benefit from homoeopathic treatment at a number of levels, such as those suffering from the following:

  • Acute complaints which come on relatively quickly, are self-limiting and are over in a few weeks at most. These rarely require more than one consultation, with possible phone contact following it.

  • Chronic complaints are generally defined as being of longer duration than six weeks and are deeper seated issues. Treatment of people with these usually takes longer than one consultation.

  • Long-term illnesses for which there is no expected cure - homoeopathy has many ways of dealing with quality of life issues and the amelioration of symptoms of long-term disease.

  • It is also possible to use homoeopathic remedies in the treatment of those who would like to maintain good health

  • Spiritual development and personal transformation: being a holistic discipline, homoeopathy can help to bring us more in touch with our inner selves and to move more easily through life, especially in times of transition.

    My homoeopathic journey with Elinor has been an eye-opening and rewarding one, which began primarily to treat my child, with great success. Along the way, other members of my family have benefited, myself included, with various ailments including deep cuts, acne, insect bites, travel sickness, sore throats, chestiness and hayfever. I have attended one of Elinor's workshops and found it fascinating! - Mary, Co Clare

    What to expect from homoeopathic treatment

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    What happens at the first consultation?

    The first consultation typically will last 60-90 minutes. In the case of babies and small children this can be shortened if necessary. A full case history is taken which includes medical and family history, detailed information on the issue(s) of particular importance and a holistic inventory of the habits, preferences and aversions of the person, including such areas as food and drink, sleep, temperature, weather and emotional style. For those unused to holistic treatments this can seem rather odd but this information is very valuable to help the homoeopath to find a remedy that matches the symptom picture as closely as possible.

    How often do we need to meet?

    It happens that sometimes there are a few remedies that can appear to be equally well-indicated for a particular person and so it can take time to determine the best course of treatment in each case. In addition to this, mental/emotional/physical states can change over time and with the treatment so it is sometimes necessary to change remedy, even temporarily, as part of the process. For this reason it is recommended to schedule a follow-up appointment for 4-6 weeks from receipt of the remedy to gauge its action and to see if a change or repeat is necessary. Once the course of treatment is well established it can be possible to carry out quick follow-ups by phone from time to time. Follow-up appointments are usually quicker than the initial consultation, being typically 45-60 minutes in duration.

    What can I expect to happen when I take the remedy?

    Several outcomes are possible:

    • Once starting the remedy you may notice that your symptoms are lessening in either frequency, duration or intensity. Proceed with the remedy at the agreed dosage until the next follow-up.
    • If the symptoms intensify for a time after starting a remedy it is a sign that the action of the remedy has caused the body to heal itself. This is sometimes called a healing crisis. If this is uncomfortable in any way or you would like to discuss the remedy action feel free to ring any time during the office hours below. There are measures that can sometimes be taken to lessen this intensification, adjusting of dosages etc and we can discuss these by phone without having to wait until the next follow-up.
    • If symptoms don't change at all after a few weeks please do ring as it is possible that a different remedy may be required. In each case there are usually several remedies to choose from and further information will usually lead to a better choice of remedy.

    Is there anything that will interfere with the remedy?

    Try to avoid the following substances if possible as they can antidote the remedy: coffee, peppermint, eucalyptus, menthol and camphor. They can be found in toothpaste (just use water for the duration or there are some on the market that don't contain those ingredients), mint sweets, lozenges and ointments. If you must drink coffee, try not to drink it just after taking the remedy but take it at the other end of the day. The degree to which you are sensitive to these substances may dictate how much they will interfere with the remedy but it is best to avoid them if possible.

    I'm on conventional medication also - will this interfere with the remedy or vice versa?

    Homoeopathic remedies work on a different level to conventional medication and can be used very safely with them. However, it is important to inform me of any medication you may be taking as it will affect the way in which we proceed with treatment and possibly the choice of remedy. This includes prescribed and over the counter medicines, medicated creams/lotions, the birth control pill, recreational drugs or any other mood-altering substances.

    What happens if I get a temporary illness during the course of treatment, e.g. the flu?

    In the case of coughs, colds, flu, digestive upsets etc it is possible to change the remedy temporarily to deal with this acute illness, before resuming the remedy as before. Please note that some remedies interfere with one another and can antidote one another so it is not advisable to self-prescribe if you are undergoing treatment. In the case of acute illness, the best course of action is to ring with the symptoms listed and an acute remedy can often be prescribed by phone.

    Is homoeopathic treatment covered by my health insurance?

    Health insurance refunds are available to cover homoeopathy with several insurance providers, including Aviva, Quinn, HSF. Check with your insurance company. Note: the practitioner must be registered with the appropriate body to be covered by most insurance companies.

    How to Take and Store Homoeopathic Remedies

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  • Do not swallow remedies with a drink, except where administered in water as in 4. above.

  • Do not eat or drink, smoke or clean teeth 15 minutes before or after taking a remedy, except in emergencies.

  • It is better not to touch a remedy which is being administered to someone else. Use the cap to dispense the pill into their hand or a teaspoon.

  • Pills can be crushed between two teaspoons for small children. Avoid giving them a whole pill as it can easily be inhaled.

  • Remedies should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place away from strong smells, electromagnetic fields or sunlight and out of the reach of children.

  • A remedy in current use, dissolved in a glass of water or a bottle should be clearly labelled or marked and kept in the same conditions, away from children.

  • The glass should be scalded and washed well after use and it is preferable not to re-use the bottle for anything else after the remedy as some of the remedy will stick to the container.

  • Avoid the following substances when on homoeopathic medicines as they can antidote the remedy: peppermint, coffee, menthol, eucalyptus, camphor, recreational drugs.

Would you like to learn more about homoeopathy?

Attending Elinor's class gave me an insight into the fundamental principles of homoeopathy and gave me the confidence to use homoeopathy as a first line of treatment for my family's daily healthcare issues. A day well spent, with a good mixture of instruction, discussion and active participation... The joy of getting positive results - of helping my kids heal! - Katie, Co Clare

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One-day workshops and night classes are based around Miranda Castro’s “The Complete Homoeopathy Handbook” and a 36-remedy kit, both of which are optional. Participants learn use this kit and book to treat family and friends with simple ailments using homoeopathy. These workshops are tailored very much to the needs and knowledge of the people who come along. Sign up below if you'd like further information or to be put on the mailing list for workshops & night classes in the Clare area or other information on homoeopathy.

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