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My name is Elinor Hitching and my aim is to provide a supportive, nurturing space for you to work on your own healing journey. My deepest wish for those people who come for homoeopathy or Reiki is that you be transformed by them as I have been myself. I changed career after many years of study and work in the field of engineering because I found these things to be such powerful instruments for change in the world I wanted to be doing them myself! I came to homoeopathy was through simple home treatment of my family and I like to share this with others and empower them to treat their own families in a simple and safe way. Workshops on homoeopathy are tailored very much to the needs and knowledge of the people who come along.

Although no longer in main-stream engineering education, I still love both mathematics and teaching so I have been giving private maths tuition which has proven to be extremely rewarding. My aim is to take away the mystique of maths and to engender a love of this fascinating subject in those who come to me for tuition. Or at very least to come to terms with what can be a difficult subject!

I'm based in Ennis, Co Clare and I look forward to meeting you and establishing a strategy of treatment or study that suits you!

With all my good wishes