Natural Solutions for Waste and Wastewater

Innovative Designs for Challenging Sites: Zero Discharge Systems and Waterless Toilets

Excellent effluent quality disguised as a Wildlife Habitat...

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Environmental Services:
Constructed Wetlands
Reed Bed Systems
Zero Discharge Willow Facilities
Wetland Plant Supply
Stormwater Attenuation & Filtration
Dry Toilet Options
Grey Water Systems
Training Seminars & Educational Resources
Waste Management
Environmental Licensing & Monitoring
Edible Landscaping & Wildlife Gardening
Catchment & Habitat Management
Farm Pollution Control & Buffer Zones


Féidhlim Harty
Tel: 353 (0)65 6797355
E-mail: reeds@wetlandsystems.ie
Post: FH Wetland Systems Ltd., 30 Woodlawn, Lahinch Rd., Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland.

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