Natural Solutions for Waste and Wastewater

Innovative Designs for Challenging Sites: Zero Discharge Systems and Waterless Toilets

Excellent effluent quality disguised as a Wildlife Habitat...

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The General Data Protection Regulations require greater transparency about how data is collected, stored and used. FH Wetland Systems collects data on an ongoing basis from home owners, architects, engineers and others assocated with the projects that we design or consult on. Most of this is stored offline for the duration of a project, or for longer if it is likely to be needed by the client or others associated with the project or similar projects for follow-up work. Data includes, inter alia, the name and contact details of clients and others associated with a given project, and is stored as needed for the purposes of carrying out the ecofriendly design and consultancy work of our business. The data is not generally shared with third parties, but under certain circumstances may be shared where deemed to be appropriate for a project or similar project to promote the flow of information about environmentally regenerative technologies and experiences to help create a more eco-friendly world. Any online storage of contact details (mainly email addresses) is done using Gmail or Mail Chimp or other reputible company with the expertise and capacity to store the data wtih suitable care and security. To best facilitate research and learning about regenerative and sustainable technologies and practices, we want to make our online information as freely accessible as possible, and as such, there are no firewalls or login details used or required on the FH Wetland Systems website. Thus there is no data collection or storage associated with these processes. Offline data includes not only the contact details of clients and other parties associated with projects, but also design details for their reed beds, wetlands, rewilding projects, willow systems or for the preparation of FHWS books or articles. This information is stored in soft and/or hard copy format for the duration of the project and longer where follow-up access to that data may be useful to the client or those assocaiated with the project. The storing and limited sharing of contact details and other inforamtion that is relevant to a given project is taken to be consent for same. Email us for additional information or for removal/deletion of data if required.

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