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Catchment and Habitat Management

Catchment Management

Improving our own wastewater and stormwater is important, but imagine the difference you could make if you took the whole valley into account to really improve the overall water quality in your river basin or catchment. Catchment management can be used to maximise the pollution reduction and environmental protection in the whole valley for an integrated approach to improving water quality.

Reintroduction of wetlands within the river basin is one of the most straightforward ways to improve water quality and habitat value of streams and rivers, and is being increasingly practiced worldwide for flood control, pollution reduction and habitat enhancement. Buffer zones can be used on farmland and adjacent to any dispersed sources of pollution to offer further water filtration. Stormwater wetlands for runoff from roads and paved areas can also offer extra filtration, as can the use of effective sewage treatment within the whole area.

FH Wetland Systems can offer expertise in catchment management for use in catchment scale projects where full community participation is available. Alternatively individual, site-specific stream or river improvement projects can be carried out to improve the water quality of the catchment downstream of that point. These are particularly effective where one landowner wishes to make positive changes without the challenge and time constraints of involving other parties in the area.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities for getting your local river or stream cleaner and healthier than you ever thought possible.

Habitat Management

Whether you want a damp lawn converted to a wetland wildlife oasis, or want to minimise your industrial estate mowing costs by redesigning as a summer meadow or mini woodland, we can provide the advice and designs you need.

Habitat management practices can be the low maintenance, wildlife friendly answer to upkeep of larger areas. Parks, industrial estates, farms, golf courses, school grounds and even decommissioned landfill sites can be enhanced for wildlife and made beautiful for the people who use them.

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