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Innovative Designs for Challenging Sites: Zero Discharge Systems and Waterless Toilets

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Links to Other Useful Sites

  • Garden of Eden Projects
    This website gives information on the Garden of Eden Project for introducing fruit and nut trees into church grounds and community areas. There is information on how to set up your own Project and why to do it...
  • Get Rid of Your Bin - and Save Money
    Get Rid of Your Bin was written by Féidhlim Harty and published by Mercier Press in 2009. This page gives tips and links for those who want a springboard to more internet resources. You can buy the book here.
  • Septic Tank Options and Alternatives
    Septic Tank Options and Alternatives - Your Guide to Conventional, Natural and Eco-Friendly Methods and Technologies was written by Féidhlim Harty is due to be published by Permanent Publications in the autumn of 2014. This link highlights further resources that are available online to help you get your system up and running satisfactorily. You can buy the book here.
  • Integrated Constructed Wetland Guidance Document
    In 2010 the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government published this ICW Guidance Document for Farmyard Soiled Water and Domestic Wastewater Applications. The link automatically downloads the pdf document; the file size is 3.6MB, so if you don't have broadband it may be a bit on the large size.
  • EPA Code of Practice
    This link will bring you to the EPA website where you can download the new EPA Code of Practice - Wastewater Treatment Systems Serving Single Houses. This is the official document governing septic tanks and percolation systems and other conventional wastewater treatment options for domestic applications.
  • Irish Peatland Conservation Council
    The Save the Bogs Campaign has pioneered peatland conservation in Ireland and has excellent teaching resources and information to excite interest in peatlands for young and old alike. Check out the constructed wetland information sheet here.
  • Plants for a Future
    This is an invaluable resource for anyone planning an edible garden, searching for wild food, or interested in the edible, medicinal and useful sides of many plants we take for granted.
  • Hydro-G
    Hydrogeologist Pamela Bartley and FH Wetland Systems have collaborated on several exciting projects together around the country. First stop for site characterisations, risk assessments and other hydrogeological services.
  • SiteAssessor.com
    Wastewater treatment information for practitioners, but useful for interested homeowners too. A valuable resource for keeping your ear to the ground in the wastewater treatment industry.
  • Design By Nature
    Wildflower seeds, wildflower meadows, wet woodlands, and all sorts of information for ordering and growing native wildflowers in Ireland.
  • Wiseman Designs Night Course
    "This is a night-course devised and run bi-annually by Wiseman Designs to highlight the importance of Sustainable Building and to inform professionals and laypeople alike to the various practices and methods involved." Feidhlim Harty has been delivering the Constructed Wetlands and Reed Beds section of the course since its beginning in 2000.
  • Garden Organic
    Formerly the Henry Doubleday Research Association. Lots of organic gardening information
  • Dragonfly Ireland.
    If you have ever wondered just what that electric blue damselfly was doing zipping over your wetland pond, click here to find out.
  • Household Cleaners and Chemicals
    If you're wondering which detergents to use in your home, then this page provides a selection of links that may be of help in sourcing eco-friendly and healthier products.
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