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"Permaculture Guide to Reed Beds" - Pre-order Your Signed Copy Today!

Permaculture Reed Beds Cover     

Permaculture Guide to Reed Beds is a comprehensive overview of reed bed systems and treatment wetlands for household effluent treatment. Going from system selection and design to construction, planting and maintenance; this guide offers the reader a complete how-to manual for getting your own reed bed system up and running.

Reed beds are an efficient, effective, low-energy filter system for protecting local groundwater and streams from septic tank effluent and grey water. This thorough book explains the background to wastewater treatment and water quality and describes how reed beds work to get wastewater clean again.

Reed beds and treatment wetlands are well established elements within permaculture design, and many of the permaculture principles are readily applied to them. This guide goes a step further than simply explaining how to design and build reed beds by providing greater insight into permaculture as a design tool and exploring how to maximise the yields, beneficial relationships and sustainability of the reed bed and indeed the whole sewage treatment process within your site.

Complete with an overview of planning guidelines for the UK and Ireland, The Permaculture Guide to Reed Beds is an invaluable resource for home owners who want to build their own system. It is also an essential reference manual for permaculture designers, architects, engineers, landscape designers, planners and others with an interest in this area. Easy to follow and clearly set out, with beautiful line drawings to illustrate the text, this is a book you'll find both useful and inspiring.

Updates to Permaculture Guide to Reed Beds and further internet resources are listed here

How to Order:

Permaculture Guide to Reed Beds is available in print from mid November! Order your signed copy now:

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Alternatively send payment to FH Wetland Systems, 30 Woodlawn, Lahinch Rd., Ennis, Co. Clare.

"Septic Tank Options and Alternatives" - available now in all ebook formats and in print.

Septic Tank Options Cover     

Septic Tank Options and Alternatives - Your Guide to Conventional, Natural and Eco-friendly Methods and Technologies is a user-friendly guide through the maze of selecting an eco-friendly sewage treatment option for your home. With so many different treatment systems and technologies available it can be a challenge to make the choice that really reflects your values and priorities. This book lists conventional and alternative sewage treatment systems and outlines the pros and cons of each in a straightforward and non-technical way. This book covers EPA Code of Practice approved systems and also proposes alternatives where site and soil conditions are suboptimal.

With the septic tank inspection process now underway in Ireland, this book can give you treatment options that may be less costly, less energy intensive and more eco-friendly than an inspector may propose.

This book is a must for anyone currently worried about how well their existing system may be working, or for those who know they need an upgrade but don't know where to start. It is an invaluable guide for architects and engineers who are guiding clients through the options available. Taking both EPA Code of Practice guidance and innovative sustainable solutions into account, Septic Tank Options and Alternatives offers a holistic overview of this oft-unmentioned subject.

Septic Tank Options and Alternatives looks at the following areas:

  • Assessing your current treatment situation
  • Making good - Examining the potential for repairs and improvements
  • Taking stock - looking at your site characteristics, priorities and personal preferences
  • Options examined - different treatment systems explained
  • Putting it into action - planning, implementation and maintenance

If you want to be proactive about getting your system working and make sure you have as eco-friendly and cost effective option as you can, then this is the book to read.

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Updates and further internet resources are listed here

How to Order:

PDF, EPUB and MOBI ebook editions are all available from Green Shopping.

Septic Tank Options and Alternatives is now available in print! Order now from FH Wetland Systems via paypal here, or contact us with your details:

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Book and Delivery

"Get Rid of Your Bin" - one book, lots of answers!

book Cover     

Reduce, reuse and recycle your way to a better environment and a fatter wallet! Get Rid of Your Bin is the new bible for saving money AND helping the planet. Whether your motives are financial or ecological, the cost of refuse collection and disposal is a growing concern. Featuring easy-to-follow and practical guidelines for all areas of your home and live, Get Rid of Your Bin shows you how to maximise your savings and help sustain our planet for future generations.

Get Rid of Your Bin is published by Mercier Press. What the Papers Say about it; Jane Powers' review in the Irish Times Magazine, 31/10/09 Jane Powers Review   
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Wetland Plant Supply

FH Wetland Systems supplies a whole range of plants for constructed wetlands and reed bed systems.

We also offer willows for zero discharge willow facilities and willow treatment systems as well as garden sculpture willows and basket weaving willows for growing your own.

Click on Wetland Plant Supply for more information.

If you want to pay for an existing Plant Supply order, Follow this link to our Payments Page.

Courses and Seminars

FH Wetland Systems offers courses and seminars on constructed wetlands and other natural treatment approaches.

See the Training Seminars page for more information.

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