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Waste Management

Reduction of the amount of waste produced in our homes, industry or the service sector is becoming ever more important. Landfill sites are rapidly filling up and it is increasingly difficult to gain publis approval for new sites; incineration is not acceptable to local residents groups because of dioxin toxicity from chlorinated plastics; and increasing pressure is coming from EU and Irish legislation to reduce waste or pay the price. Waste minimisation is an increasingly attractive option for industry and homeowners.

FH Wetland Systems carry out waste management consultancy for the food industry and hospitality sectors. Reduction of solid wastes, liquid wastes and gaseous emissions is not only desirable, it is often easily possible with training and implementation of the appropriate infrastructure within your company.

We also deliver teaching seminars for homeowners interested in waste reduction on a domestic scale for bin charge minimisation. This can significantly reduce your annual bin costs as well as minimising your environmental impacts. Contact FH Wetland Systems for upcoming courses on waste minimisation or to arrange a private consultation.

For an easy guide to domestic scale waste minimisation you can buy Get Rid of Your Bin - and Save Money on-line.

If you'd like to tackle your own bin, here are some links to tips and hints that may be helpful in the process.

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