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Innovative Designs for Challenging Sites: Zero Discharge Systems and Waterless Toilets

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Wastewater Treatment - Innovative Wastewater Solutions

Architects; Engineers; Landscape Designers; Do you need an effective and affordable wastewater treatment option for your clients? FH Wetland Systems can help you to determine the most appropriate solution to meet planning and environmental guidelines.

A wide range of solutions is available. The most common options include a combination of the following:

  • Constructed Wetlands
  • Reed Beds
  • Conventional Septic Tank Systems
  • Secondary Aeration Systems
  • Partial Willow Evapotranspiration Systems
  • Zero Discharge Willow Facilities
  • Waterless Eco-Toilet Systems

Click here if you want to see an updated list of treatment options based on Septic Tank Options and Alternatives - Your guide to conventional, natural and eco-friendly methods and technologies.

Constructed Wetland Systems and Reed Beds can achieve high wastewater treatment standards at relatively low prices. They can be used for:

  • Single houses and housing estates
  • Sites with seasonally variable loads, e.g. schools, caravan parks, hotels
  • Wet or water-logged sites
  • Sites with rapid drainage where high effluent standards are required
  • Sites discharging to sensitive water courses
  • Sustained Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) for Stormwater buffering and filtration from roads, construction sites, housing estates, factory yards and car parks.

Constructed wetlands and reed beds have many advantages over conventional treatment systems for wastewater treatment. However they have their limitations and there are situations where a mechanical or other treatment system is the most appropriate option. FH Wetland Systems can outline the advantages and disadvantages of different options and recommend systems, or combinations of systems, for a particular situation. Whether your application is domestic, municipal or industrial, it is sometimes useful and cost effective to be guided through the range of systems available, the current EPA guideline limits and how to source the best option for your site.

Increasingly the standards required for discharge to watercourses is becoming more and more stringent. This welcome development poses challenges for new and existing businesses, farms and houses and their wastewater treatment set-up. As an example of how we have been meeting this challenge, we have been increasingly designing constructed wetlands for use in combination with secondary treatment systems to keep the land area low, while meeting the required final water quality.

Bulrushes in a Treatment Wetland

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