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"Septic Tank Options and Alternatives" - available now in all ebook formats and in print.

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"Useful internet resources to accompany Septic Tank Options and Alternatives"

Treatment system options

Following is a list of treatment and disposal options available to homeowners. Note that not all of these options are offered by FH Wetland Systems. The list is an update to the book, to provide you with a range of the options that may work for your site. If we don't offer them on this website then either email us for suggested suppliers or search on line for the system that might best fit your own particular requirements.

  • New or upgraded septic tank and percolation systems
    • Fix the old tank or percolation area
    • Install a new tank or percolation area
    • Pump to a polishing filter (essentially a raised percolation area)

  • Treatment Wetlands
    • Soil-based constructed wetlands
    • Integrated constructed wetlands
    • Horizontal-flow gravel reed beds
    • Vertical-flow gravel reed beds
    • Vertical-flow sand reed beds
    • Packaged tertiary treatment reed beds

  • Mechanical Treatment Units
    • Activated Sludge (including extended aeration) systems
    • Biological/Submerged aerated filter (BAF/SAF) systems
    • Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) systems
    • Rotating biological contactor (RBC) systems
    • Sequencing batch reactor (SBR) systems
    • Membrane bioreactor (MBR) systems.

  • Packaged Filter Media Units
    • Peat filter media systems
    • Plastic, textile and other media systems

  • Willow Treatment Systems
    • Zero discharge willow facilities
    • Willow filter systems
    • Partial evapotranspiration areas

  • Dry Toilet Systems
    • Self-contained composting systems
    • Remote composting systems
    • Micro-flush systems
    • Electric drying systems
    • Chemical toilets

  • Grey Water Options
    • Grey water filters and grease traps
    • Planted grey water filter systems
    • Grey water irrigation systems
    • Grey water recycling systems

  • Tertiary Treatment Systems
    • Soil polishing filters
    • Sand polishing filters
    • Treatment wetlands and reed beds
    • Packaged systems

  • Disposal Options Examined
    • Percolation to ground
    • Discharge to surface water
    • Evapotranspiration to air
    • Recycling options
    • Export from the site via sewer or cesspit

Updates to the First Edition

There have been a lot of recent developments in the area of wastewater treatment and management of this biomass and nutrient resource. In order to keep Septic Tank Options and Alternatives as up to date as possible I have included updates to the first edition as follows:

Faecal filter systems (Update to the book)

If you know of any updates that should be included please email reeds@wetlandsystems.ie

Useful internet resources

Following is a very condensed list of internet references that I have found useful in designing and guiding clients with wastewater treatment systems. For an up to date check on secondary treatment system suppliers, wetland and reed bed designers, dry toilet suppliers etc. just do a quick internet search.

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