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Wetland Plant Supply

Whether you need a species list to suit constructed wetlands or reed beds for sewage effluent, stormwater, landfill runoff or industrial effluents, or whether it is for replanting ponds or natural swimming pools, we can supply the right wetland plants to suit your particular needs. We can also carry out the full planting job for you if needed, to bring your wetland project to completion.

We have carried out plant supply and planting contracts for home-onwers, industry, county councils, farmers, developers, sewage treatment system suppliers and even for a university campus recreational and habitat enhancement wetland project.

The most commonly used plants for constructed wetland marsh areas are our tall native wetland species such as bulrush (Typha sp.), common reed (Phragmites australis), yellow flag (Iris pseudacorus) and branched burr reed (Sparganium erectum). In wetland ponds lilies (Nuphar and Nymphaea sp.), duckweed (Lemna sp. The smallest flowering plants in Europe) and pondweeds (Potamogeton sp.) are most common. Ornamental lilies and flowering marginal plants such as arum and flowering rush can be used if desired for maximum colour!

Willow Supply

We supply a range of biomass willows for Zero Discharge Willow Facilities as well as ornamental willows for willow sculptures, basket weaving and living fences. These are best planted from November to early March, but call us to discuss specific projects outside these months.

Contact us directly by email or phone for prices and site specific questions.

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